Essentials of Sustainable Packaging Course


The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging are customized training courses that offer a comprehensive introduction to sustainability considerations that apply to the entire packaging life cycle: sourcing, design, recovery, and beyond.

Led by the SPC staff, these tailored sessions present an opportunity to bring a company’s entire staff (from packaging, marketing, management, to sustainability) up to a common level of understanding about how sustainability relates to the packaging operations.

Courses are available to both SPC and non-SPC member companies. Discounts are available for SPC members. See pricing below for details.

               The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging participants will learn about:


Why Packaging?

- The $11 billion elephant in the room
- Making sustainability part of your brand
- Communicating sustainability through packaging
- Case studies: start-ups to green giants

Design for Recoverytriangular-arrows-sign-for-recycle (3).png

- Psychology of recycling
- What does recyclable even mean? Compostable?
- Fitting packaging into the infrastructure or change the infrastructure?
- Designing with an end market in mind

Optimize the Designfavorites.png

- Leveraging the product/package system
- Retail and shelf-ready packaging
- Avoiding product and transportation waste
- Biomimicry in sustainable packaging

flasks.pngSource Sustainably

- Certifications: When, how, and where to use them
- Primary concerns for substrate types
- Setting and reaching sourcing goals

Planetary Boundaries

- How packaging fits into "the whole"
- Sourcing and manufacturing during the Great Acceleration
- How to build resilience through packaging


Packaging Material Health: Mitigating impact throughout the life cycle

- Chronic concerns: PVC, BPA, heavy metals, and mineral oil

- Next generation innovations and nanotechnology

- Precautionary principle and policy considerations

Bioplastics: A family of different materials

- Bioplastics myth-busting

- Sourcing and recovery considerations

Sourcing Fiber: Considerations and Certification

- Key considerations domestically and abroad

- Sourcing and supply chain certifications

- Recovered fiber and recycled feedstock

The Food Waste-Packaging Nexus: The role of compostable packaging in food waste prevention

- Leveraging ReFed to explore the scale

- Compostable packaging as a vehicle for diversion

- Water-soluble, edible, and reusable alternatives

Packaging Forecasting: Exploring trends and crafting sustainability goals

- Examining industry leaders and boundary-breakers

- A new era of intelligent and dynamic packaging

- Establishing and reaching goals through incremental and transformative change

About the Course

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging curriculum sessions have been attended by hundreds of professionals in the U.S. and Canada since 2008. The course has over 800 alumni from leading companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


$12,500 + Travel Expenses for two instructors for SPC Member Companies

$15,000 + Travel Expenses for two instructors for Non-Member Companies

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