Essentials of Sustainable Packaging Course

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging offers a comprehensive introduction to sustainability considerations that apply to the entire packaging life cycle: material sourcing, packaging design, manufacturing, transport, and final disposal.

Through this one-day seminar, packaging professionals and corporate sustainability decision-makers will learn about the essential sustainability considerations for packaging and the strategies needed to create packaging that is beneficial for people and the planet. Using real world examples and interactive discussions, attendees will learn how a holistic view of sustainability applies to each facet of their operations. Customized sessions are available.

               The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging participants will learn about:



The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging curriculum sessions have been attended by hundreds of professionals in the U.S. and Canada since 2008, in Latin America since 2011, and in China since 2012. The course has over 500 alumni from leading companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Hosting opportunities are available for the general sessions--hosts provide venue, AV, and breakfast/lunch in exchange for five complimentary attendee slots.

Customized Sessions

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging is also offered as a private course for English, Spanish, and Chinese-speaking audiences. The tailored session can to meet your company's internal sustainability needs including goals prioritization, metrics determination and setting benchmarks. A tailored session presents an opportunity to bring the entire packaging and sustainability staff from package design, graphics, marketing to management up to a common level of understanding about how sustainability relates to the packaging operations.   


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